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Hareid Elektriske AS

Hareid Elektriske AS is based in Hareid, centrally located at the heart of a progressive and market-leading maritime community in North West Norway made up by shipyards, shipowners and equipment suppliers.

Formed in 1950 by Steinar Teigene, the company has expanded considerably over the years.

The business was quick to enter the market for marine installations and saw soaring growth when in the early 1970s it became involved in what would eventually become the company’s main line of business: marine installations on newbuilds at Norwegian shipyards.

Moving forward one step at a time, the company continued to expand and grow in terms of both size and turnover.

Today Hareid Elektriske AS operates in multiple locations on the west coast of Norway, in Denmark, Poland and Greenland. The company is well placed for stable and healthy growth thanks its owners: the family businesses Bjåstadbakken AS and Jeasimo AS each with a 40% stake and the company’s employees with a 20% stake.

The group specialises primarily in electrics/electronics for the onshore/industry, marine and retail segments. The group also has a significant presence in the financial and property markets.

The company’s growth and success is down to hard work and determination and, not least, the dedication of its employees and management.

Hareid Elektriske AS
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