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ISO 9001:2015 og ISO 14001:2015

HGT will deliver products and services according to specifications and contract with customer.
• We will deliver what we have promised
• Correct product and quality at due time.
• Expertise, flexibility and implementation capacity.
• Customer focus with improvements that increases customer satisfaction
• Facilitate to ensure that our employees at all levels can operate with improvement
• Improve our products and duties in close cooperation with the customers

Environment policy:
No pollution of the outer environment.
Take control and be in charge of the environmental policy.
Environmental awareness and engagement shall be the impetus for making environmental improvements.
• Most important environmental theme is: transport, waste treatment and energy savings.
Production/installation and ware house
• Waste management and focus on transportation
• Assist our cooperation partners in developing more environmental friendly solutions for the shipping industry.
• Prioritize environmental conscious sub-contractors and solutions.
• Focus on energy saving and paper consumption.