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HG Support AS

HG Support AS is the Hareid Group’s modern accounts department. The company oversees the commercial aspects of the business involving payroll, personnel, marketing, accounts, finance and support. In addition to the companies in Hareid Elektriske AS, the company also has some other affiliated companies as customers.

The company is based in the group’s headquarters in Hareid and has 6 employees with a high focus on keeping up to date with the latest in HR and accounting with regarding to laws, regulations, technology and procedures.

Contact information

HG Support AS

HG Support AS
N-6060 Hareid
Tel.: +47 70 09 58 00
E-mail: post@hareidgroup.com
Managing Director
Silje Teigene
Tel.: +47 911 20 901
E-mail: silje.teigene@hareidgroup.com