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The Hareid Group and its parent company Hareid Elektriske AS are a locally owned electrics/electronics companies headquartered in Hareid in Sunnmøre.

The stunning landscape of the region inspires and motivates us to do better every single day. Combined with a central location in North West Norway’s progressive, market-leading maritime community made up of shipyards, shipowners and equipment suppliers, this has provided a springboard for growth for a company with a history dating back to 1950.

With around 690 employees. The group has operations in multiple locations on the west coast of Norway, in Denmark, Poland and Greenland.

The group’s main lines of business are electrical installations for the onshore/industry and maritime segments along with consumer electronics and white goods retail. Over the years the group has built up extensive expertise within its areas of business.

Our employees are our most important resource. It is they who have laid the foundations for our success. Thanks to our employees, we are able to deliver professionalism, expertise and quality every step of the way, to the benefit of our customers. This is something we are incredibly proud of.

Hareid Group – a reliable and dependable full-service provider.